Fairmat Academic 1.3.0  -  July 24, 2012



  • .NET 4.0: Fairmat Academic 1.3 runs under the .NET 4.0 profile. Custom plug-ins compiled for the version 1.2 must be recompiled in order to work on the new system. The adoption of the .NET 4.0 run-time will increase Fairmat compatibility with other system and third parties libraries.
  • The user settings system has been improved and new user settings has been added, for example the choice of the random number generator, and editor and modeling options.
  • The activation process has been postponed, and now Fairmat Academic allows short test sessions.

Modeling environment improvements


  • A new transformation called Zero Rate generator is now available. With the Zero Rate generator you can control how a zero rate curve is generated starting from the Cash, Fra and Swap rated. The Zr generator front end can be found in the parameters & symbols under the transformation category.
  • A new Fairmat Keyword “Horizon” has been defined
  • In functional operators, the “Value” function can be also called with the implicit reference arguments. For example, if x1,...,xn are the variables modeling subsequent legs, the following expressions can be written “iif(value(@x1;U1)>0”.
  • Improved copy-and-paste of data  from MS Excel to custom functions and vectors.

New open source plug-ins

With the Fairmat 1.3 the following new plug-ins are available:

  • The Random Sourcers Support plug-in improves support for external random sources and generators and allows users to use as source of randomness sequences stored in the file system.



Fairmat 1.3 contains hundreds of fixes over the last 1.2.5 public version. Many issues on the modeler has been fixed, for what concerns the valuation side the following problems has been solved:

  • The “EffectiveDate” variable is now initialized correctly
  • fixed bug related to evaluation of disabled options and scenarios
  • Two race conditions in multi-thread valuations have been fixed.