SRMR Credit Spread Dynamic (Free)

Author : Fairmat srl   Published : 09/03/2016

This plug-in simulates CDS spread using historical information.

Tags : Credit
Jarrow Lando Turnbull (Commercial)

Author : Fairmat srl   Published : 28/02/2014

This plug-in implements the Jarrow-Lando-Turnbull (JLT) model which may be used to price bonds with default risk, i.e., bonds for which there is the possibility that the issuer does not honour the schedule of payments. From risky zero coupon bond prices, one can calculate credit spreads. JLT is a reduced-form model, i.e., it models the credit migration process (which is the driver of the credit risk) through a Markov Chain with the default state being absorbing.

Tags : Defaultable bonds risky bonds credit migration model
Economic Scenarios Generator (Commercial)

Author : Fairmat srl   Published : 26/02/2014

Fairmat ESG enables finance and actuarial insurance companies risk management teams to be independent in calculating the market consistent risk-neutral and real-world economic scenarios for zero coupon bonds (ZCB), Inflation Rates, defaultable bonds / credit spreads and baskets of equities and indices (prices and dividends are simulated);
The theoretical models are calibrated automatically, as the estimates of the risk premium and correlation, when Fairmat Professional is connected to a market data provider (i.e. Bloomberg Professional Desk, Fairmat Data Provider) or, alternatively, models calibrations may be also provided by Fairmat as a service.

Tags : Defaultable bonds market consistent embedded value
Ornstein Uhlenbeck (Free)

Author : Fairmat srl   Published : 05/02/2014

This plug-in provides historical calibration capabilities for the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck / Vasicek (one-factor mean reverting and log-mean reverting) models. Mean reverting and log-mean reverting models can be used to model sever underlying such as commodity prices and also dividend yields evolution.

Tags : Calibration Commodity
Geometric Brownian Motion (Free)

Author : Fairmat srl   Published : 29/08/2013

Provides several calibration strategies for the GBM models (using historical series and quoted options) and also includes the multivariate GBM stochastic process which simplifies the modeling of contracts linked to the performance of several equities. Aside equities modeling, it allows to model FX rates as GBM models.

Tags : GBM equity modelling calibration options chain
Yahoo! Finance Integration (Free)

Author : Fairmat srl   Published : 28/08/2013

Provides access to Yahoo! Finance Market Data. In particular it allows the retrieval of equity historical series and option chains of stocks belonging to several markets simply by specifying the symbol name (i.e. AAPL, GOOG, etc).

Tags : Market Data Provider Data Source Yahoo!
European Central Bank Integration (Free)

Author : Fairmat srl   Published : 28/08/2013

Provides access to the European Central Bank Exchange Data allowing the retrieval of reference exchange rates which can be used for the calibration of FX models.

Tags : Market Data Provider Data Source Currency Exchange Rates
MEFF Integration (Free)

Author : Fairmat srl   Published : 28/08/2013

Provides access to MEFF (IBEX) Market Data. it allows the retrieval of equity historical series and option chains of securities listed in the MEFF Spanish market. Historical option chains are also available.

Tags : Matket Data Provider Data Source MEFF IBEX Option Chains
Fairmat Server Integration (Commercial)

Author : Fairmat srl   Published : 10/04/2013

Allows Fairmat Professional to use Fairmat Server as a Market Data Provider

Tags : Data Provider Market Data Fairmat Server
Variance Gamma (Free)

Author : Fairmat srl   Published : 24/03/2013

The Variance Gamma (VG) is a mathematical model for simulating stock prices. The model is both simple and robust and it is a very good alternation to the existing models like Heston stochastic volatility model and Black-Scholes model which may be biased when applied to real market circumstances. The calibration procedure is based on closed form calculation of European options.

Tags : Stochastic Process Equity Model