Fairmat launches documentation system

Fairmat for Documents helps Issuers to change how documentation is designed and maintained: with Fairmat for Documents it is possible to create intelligent set of documentation with possibility of reusing and adapting narrative across several documents.



Fairmat launches OpenKid.eu a service designed to help PRIIPs issuers to disseminate their KIDs and distributors to retrieve and get access to up to date KIDs documents and metadata from several issuers from a single access point interactively or programmatically using a REST API.


Fairmat launches a certificates robo advisor platform

In collaboration with Unicredit, Fairmat launches RoboCertificate, a robo advisor platform which allows investors to create personalized asset allocations in certificates. Starting from Investors’ preferences such as investment horizon, risk appetite, market view and underlying sectors, RoboCertificate proposes optimal diversified portfolios in certificates issued by Unicredit tradable in the secondary Italian markets (Italian stock Exchange - Sedex segment and EuroTLX  - Cert-X segment). RoboCertificate provides ex-ante probabilistic risk/reward analysis of the overall investment, it monitors the portfolio performance and updates the risk/reward expectations. RoboCertificate is free to use and is available at robocertificate.fairmat.com


Fairmat and FIDA join forces for offering PRIIPs solutions to funds

FIDA ( http://www.fidaonline.com­ ) is specialized in collection, categorization and storage of investment data; FIDA provides data feed services of prices, dividends, corporate actions and documents by collecting daily data on more than 75,000 funds share classes directly from each source..

Fairmat and FIDA are offering insurance companies an all-in-one solution for life insurance MOPs which incorporate funds and are setting up a KID generation and monitoring services designed for the fund’s managers which are actually exempted by the regulation implementation up to 2020 but they will need to provide PRIIPs regulation compliant information to companies (i.e. life insurance companies) that will package funds in other products. Such information will be communicated through formats like the European PRIIP Template (EPT) format which is one of the format that we are supporting.


Fairmat and CAD IT aim to simplify PRIIPs regulation implementation

We are proud to announce that Fairmat started a partnership with CAD IT group (http://www.caditgroup.com/) aiming to provide integrated PRIIPs solutions to CAD IT’s current and new client’s base.  

CAD IT supplies software and services to high-standing companies in Europe. CAD IT's customers include banks, insurance companies, investment fund organisations, brokers, IT outsourcers, public administration and manufacturing companies.

Due to the exceptional know-how of over 600, highly specialised experts and with a dominion of innovative technologies, CAD IT's software solutions daily provide support to over 1,000 European organisations.

With over 200,000 users at high-standing financial institutions, CAD IT's Finance Area software suite is the most commonly-used system in Europe for managing financial instrument trading and post-trading processes. “Finance Area” is a complete front-to-back, cross-business, cross-asset, multi-channel, multi-browser, multi-language, multi-currency and multi-entity solution.

CAD IT and Fairmat will provide systems aiming to cover several aspects of the PRIIPs regulation including the retrieval of KIDs issues by third party’s providers, the generation and monitoring of KIDs on any asset class (including structured bonds, structured products, life insurance MOPs, OTC and credit derivatives) and as well the work-flows needed to provide the final documents to the retail investors in several scenarios.  


Fairmat Unveils KIDs for PRIIPS Platform

Fairmat unveiled it's KIDs for PRIIPs management platform at the Swedish Structured Investment Products Association (SSIPA) seminar on May 10th. Aside structured products the platform aims to be used also for other asset classes such us structured bonds and insurance life products.  




Swiss Market Support

We are happy to announce that we will be present at the forthcoming Lugano Fund Forum.  If you’ll be at the event, please visit us at 1st Floor, stand B19.

At Lugano we will present our online service Fairmat Cloud and its applications for the Structured Products Markets. In particular with the following:


  • A Product Testing suite to assess independent backward and market consistent analyses for any structured product: an essential service for Manufactures and Distributors to be compliant with the last ESMA opinion.
  • A Screening service to find investment opportunities by comparing thousands of  Structured Products in our fast growing database: an helpful aid for Investors and Fund Managers.

In order to demonstrate the latter service, currently, the Fairmat Cloud screening tool on the Swiss market is free until next December 31th. In order to see it in action, just go to https://cloud.fairmat.com/Public/RetailStructuredProducts and sign-in or register.

See you in Lugano!


Fairmat and Cube are working together to provide better quantitative analytics for the UK Retail Structured Products market

We are happy to announce that with started a partnership with CUBE. Cube is a specialist structured product company that works with discretionary investment managers and advisers to develop, distribute and help manage structured products.

Cube provides Fairmat with whole of market data on all retail structured products in the UK allowing Fairmat to offer independent fair values and structured product risk analytics services  through Fairmat Cloud.

Together with Cube, Fairmat will to provide detailed analysis of the entire UK structured products retail market. A snapshot of products we mapped with Cube and already available into the Cloud Platform is available here.



Need to assess a structured product? Try Fairmat Cloud or new web app

Assessing financial products usually implies quantitative skills, use of expensive solutions and availability of  market data. With our new service, Fairmat Cloud, anyone can access to affordable and independent assessments.

Fairmat Cloud has a web-based interface that works like a search engine: just enter the name or the ISIN code of the product you seek and once you found it, you can request the analytics you need.

Our starting set of analytics are Mark to Market, Back Testing, Greeks, Sensitivities and what we call the Independent Quantitative Report (a bunch of data-driven analyses for pre-strike products inspired by IOSCO recent recommendations.

We opted for a “pay as you go” formula, and basically you can buy credits via Skrill or Paypal and pay just for the analytics you need. The cost of analysis starts at just € 5,00. In order to further simplify the use of the system, we started to cover publicly-offered structured products and, in particular, auto call products: if you can’t find what you are seeking for please report it to us and we will make it available a few days.

Beside this, we also made available the product templates we used for mapping the public offerings. You can use them for easily replicate private contracts on which perform the same analyses. Bringing simplicity and transparency in the financial world has been the aim of Fairmat since its foundation, and with Fairmat Cloud we would like to share this goal with an even wider audience.

We encourage you to visit https://cloud.fairmat.com and log-in with your Fairmat account.  You will receive some Fairmat Cloud credits which allow you to request your firsts assessments. For more information or help on how it works please check https://cloud.fairmat.com/public/help.


Economic Scenarios Generator

We are proud to announce the availability of Fairmat Economic Scenario Generator (ESG), a new solution for generating real-world and risk-neutral market consistent economic scenarios for the following asset classes

-Zero Coupon bond Prices

-Defaultable bond prices (rating and CDS based)

-Inflation Indices

-Equity (i.e. Euro Stoxx 50, FTSE 100…) prices and dividends

The scenarios are tested for non-arbitrage and can be exported to CSV files for being conveniently used in third party actuarial simulators. All the simulation models can be automatically calibrated if the system is connected to a data provider as Bloomberg Professional. Alternatively Fairmat Srl can provide calibrated models as a service. For further details please read the product's presentation page.

If you want to see Fairmat ESG in action, please register to one of the Fairmat Economic Scenarios Generator presentation webinars scheduled for March 11th  4pm CET (In English), March 18th 4pm CET (in Italian), and March 20th CET 4pm, (In Spanish), or if you want a customized remote presentation contact us.