Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Fairmat?

Fairmat, as a company, provides services to help institutionals client to meet new regulations such as the PRIIPs regulation 1286/2014/EU, the Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (AIFMD) 61/2011/EU, EMIR 648/2012 Risk Mitigation  Quantitative Requirements and IAS 39 hedge accounting normatives.

Fairmat also provide software tools for modeling financial products, it allows you to model financial contracts and run quantitative analysis without need of coding. Fairmat applications include structured procuts pricing for risk management purposes. 

Which version of Fairmat suites me better?

If you are a student  or a developer, the academic version is the right one for you (it is available for free, you have only to sign-up).  If you are a practitioner you may be interested to Fairmat Professional. If you are an institutional entity and you need to handle a large quantity of contracts you should look at Fairmat Server which can be customized for you needs. For more details check out the versions comparison page.

Does Fairmat provides market data?

Yes, Fairmat SaaS solutions are optionally provided with market data.  The dektop software Fairmat Professional  is also integrated with Bloomberg Professional.

How can I try the products and the solutions?

You can get a trial for Fairmat Professional by compiling this form, write us an email at info -at-

Which derivatives can I value and assess with Fairmat ?

Fairmat is a an extensible modeling tool and hence virtually any payoff can be modeled with it. The latest Fairmat version focus on interest rate, inflation and equity structured products. See the resources section for examples and tutorials. Furthermore, Fairmat Professional 1.4.0 comes with a series of templates for interest rate products like Swaps (Fixed vs Float, Float vs Float, Fixed vs Float plus Collar), Interest Rate Options (Cap, Floor, Digital /Binary, Float plus Collar, Swaption), Barrier Options (Cap/Floor Knock In (Up and Down In), Cap/Floor Knock Out (Up and Down Out), Cap/Floor CMS Spread) allowing to price them in minutes.

Where can I find documentation and support?

The Fairmat modeler documentation is available here. You can find examples on the resources page, and we provide training on different topics through our webinars.  If you have specific questions you can either use the forums or our contact form

How can I start modeling a project?

Check the modeler documentation FAQ.

I'm a developer and I would like to write extensions for Fairmat

Check out the developers resources and our projects page.