Independent Valuation Services


By combining market data, state-of-the art valuation models, Fairmat Srl specializes in the evaluation of financial derivatives and OTC contracts. We offer independent valuations, monitoring and reports which can be used for pricing, benchmarking and risk management for your portfolios of financial products in the following asset classes:

  • Interest rates / Inflation-linked derivatives
  • Credit derivatives
  • Fixed income
  • FX derivatives
  • Equity
  • Structured/Exotic Products
  • Energy Derivatives

We can also provide valuation models for new instruments or exotic illiquid derivatives and perform capital budgeting and Real Options analyses. 

Our valuation capabilities allow you to gain transparency, to clarify the evaluation process of complex instruments and to meet internal or regulatory policies or  gain insight and an explanation of how prices are calculated by your counterparty. Independent valuation is also a requirement as stated by EMIR 648/2012 provision.

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