Board of Directors

Matteo Tesser Matteo Tesser holds a master degree in Computer Science from the University of Padua, and Ph.D. degree in operation research from the Technical University of Catalonia where he focused in applying stochastic programming and game theory to energy markets modelling. After some experiences in other consulting companies in 2008 he co-founded Fairmat and from 2011 he is Fairmat’s CEO leading the transition of the company to a fintech/reg-tech solutions provider. In Fairmat is also supervising the development of the quantitative models underlying the Fairmat solutions. Recently leveraging Fairmat’s market wise retail structured products database, he is working on quantitative methods for generating optimal structured products portfolios and on the KID for PRIIPs solutions and services.

Matteo Carradori is Sales Director of Fairmat srl. Matteo has a master degree in Economics from the University of Verona and a master’s certificate in Finance and Economics from Venice International University. He is partner and co-founder of IFA Consulting Srl. Matteo is currently managing sales development of Fairmat solutions.