Plug-in Development


Fairmat can be extended by means of plug-ins. Examples of plug-ins include specialized stochastic processes, calibration methodologies, extensions of the general-purpose language built into Fairmat, specialized solution algorithms, different analyses, or even user interface customization and improvements. 

Our plug-in system is based on Mono.Addins extensibility model because it has open specifications and has been adopted by a large community of developers. 

The extension model for Fairmat and the relative documentation are still under development and may be subject to changes. In the meantime the following preliminary documents can be downloaded: 

Examples can be found on the  plug-ins download page or read the plug-ins forum.

Additionally our plugins are being published also on github, in order to allow anyone to check them out and improve them.

If you need help you can also find us on IRC at #fairmat. In case you prefer a Mailing list approach, we have it available on google groups.

Please note that you can upload , manage and distribute your own plug-ins on your own through our platform and be rewarded by Fairmat through our revenue sharing plan or by agreements we can setup on specific projects.

Please note that at the moment the plug-in publishing service is not automatized so feel free to contact us in case you wish to add your plugins!