Fairmat for KIDs  -  KIDs for PRIIPS generation, monitoring and management solution

More than 50 issuers are now using our PRIIPs KIDs generation solution in order to automatize their PRIIPs KIDs compliance needs. Find below why.

The information needed to generate the complete PRIIPs KID document is highly heterogeneous and possibly came from different sources. Collecting, elaborating, organizing and updating such information is not straightforward.

With the Fairmat for KIDs solution (FFK) our goal is making KIDs generation a data-driven process, where, after an initial setup and customization, every step can be automatized while maintaining the high level of detail required by the regulation.

Fairmat KID for PRIIPS generator is able to calculate KID quantitative sections (MRM, CRM, SRI, performance scenarios and costs), to retrieve qualitative and contractual information for customer infrastructure, to merge them into pdf documents customized and localized as required, to publish them to the customer infrastructure, to host a repository for your distributors, and to keep track of publication history.

Why Fairmat for KIDs

  • Web based: FFK is provided as a cloud solution (but it can be optionally installed on premise) and offer a web-based interface allowing multiple users (with distinct roles to access the platform).
  • Manual and Automatic terms data input: PRIIPs data can be entered thorugh the GUI (bulk operations supported), or through APIs.
  • Asset Classes: bonds, structured products/notes, insurance life products, OTC derivatives, structured deposits, credit-linked notes, funds/ETF, warrants.
  • Support for multiple languages: Narratives can be edited with an intuitive visual editor and KIDs can be automatically generated in multiple languages. We offer default texts, which can be then customized for any EU official language.
  • Parametric narrative system: with our narrative description language narratives sections can be genetated automatically in function of products characteristics.
  • Visual editor: KID's previews can be edited in place, with availability of editing history.    
  • Scalable from few issues to thousands: our cloud infrastructure allows us to adapt to any manufacturer need and FFK pricing model is based on your KIDs volume.
  • KID monitoring: PRIIPs with published KIDs are automatically monitored in order to check for conditions triggering KIDs republishing.
  • Market data included in the service: Market Data needed to calculate KID metrics (CRM, MRM, SRI, Performance Scenarios and Costs) can be retrieved from customer infrastructured via API, manually input, or provided by us a Service.
  • KIDs Publishing and Dissemination: KIDs must be made available to products distributors. FFK is able to generate and mantain a KIDs repository which simplifies the retrieval of published documents by distributors. We are also promoting a standard (see www.openkid.org) for implementing KIDs repositories.
  • Published KIDs History management: FFK mantains the history of published KIDs.
  • Third party PRIIPs KIDs retrieval: we are powering and sponsoring openkid.eu a free service for allowing distributors to get access to KIDs documents of several providers from a single access point, interactively or with a REST API. 

For any further information or to receive a custom demo on one of your PRIIPs write to kid@fairmat.com or call us at +39 045 8012030. Please also read this presentation about our KIDs generation and KIDs dissemination solutions, and if you are a structured retail products manufacturer please check out this page in which we generated sample KIDs for more than 10.000 structured retail products.


KIDs for PRIIPs Platform Sceenshots