Fairmat for Documents

Generation of precontractual documents - IPIDs, DIP, DIP Aggiuntivi

Fairmat for Documents allows design, editing, maintenance and history of structured documents such as the IPID (Insurance Product Information Document), or other precontractual documents. The main features are:

  • Multi user SaaS system: our platform is provided a software as a service available by any browser with nothing to install on site. Multiple users can access to the platform and can be associated to different roles.
  • Visual editing: documents can be edited on the platform visual editor: documents are segmented in sections and editing of specific sections can be eventually restricted to specific roles.
  • Hierarchical narratives: possibility of reusing a single narrative in multiple documents
  • Parametric narratives:  blocks and text can be conditioned to value of documents attributes
  • Tracking changes: audit log with details single edits. 
  • Documents history: official documents are stored and versioned. 
  • Validation workflow: possibility of defining multi-user workflows.
  • OnDemand documents: API for generation of documents on demand allows third party. 

Additional support for the Italian Market

Italian insurance company authority IVASS has defined a standard pre-contractual information for the life and non-life classes based on the drafting of three standard pre-contractual documents: IPID: (Insurance Product Information Document) for non-life products, required by EU legislation DIP: (Pre-contractual Information Document) Life for "pure risk" life products KID: (Key Information Document) for insurance investment products, the IBIP "Insurance Based Investment Products" required by EU legislation Each basic document will be flanked by a specific "additional DIP" (for Damage, Life, Multi-risk and IBIP) to collect additional information that is complementary to those contained in the basic documents, for a deeper knowledge of the product and to guide the Customer towards an informed decision on contractual rights and obligations. The new document set replaces the information note and summary sheet, where applicable, and the obligation of the Consob prospectus for class III and V products.

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