Fairmat Academic 1.2 - November 26, 2011


22/02/2012: Update: Fairmat Academic 1.2.5 for Mac OS X has been released

We just uploaded a new Fairmat Academic version for Mac OS X, which address to all critical Mac OS X specific bugs which prevented Fairmat to work. Most importantly, in the new Fairmat package you find everything you need, with no need of additional downloads.


07/02/2012: Fairmat Academic 1.2.5 has been released

Fairmat 1.2.5 is a bugfixing and improvements release for Fairmat 1.2


-Fixed a proxy issue with webservices (user feedback)
-Fixed option map timing description
-Fixed wrong plug-in version information detection
-Fixed plug-in enabling and disabling
-Fixed a bug which involves option editing in multi-scenario projects
-Fixed bug which may broke plug-ins upgrading


- Expressions Editor: It easier to use the Expression Autocomplete, now it appears automatically when writing expressions. In any case it is  possible to choose (the fairmat settings) the old activation behavior (CTRL+SPACE).
- User defined symbols can be reordered by name/category.
- When Fairmat starts creates a new project and maximize project editing forms
- What-if analysis improvements: A new Fairmat Symbol (Scenario) is available. The Variable 'Scenario' indicates the current scenario index (from 1 to number of defined user scenarios).This improves the flexibility of the in defining how a scenario differs from another one given that expressions can now be conditioned to scenarios:  iif(Scenario==1; do this; do that)  and scenario dependent variables can be defined: Eg if you want to define a scenario dependent variaible A, just create a Vector called A and use 'scenario' as index. For example in any expression you can write A[Scenario] obtaining a value for the variable A which is scenario dependent.


17/01/2012: Fairmat Academic 1.2.3 has been released

Fairmat 1.2.3 is a bugfixing release for Fairmat 1.2.


- Forms memorizes their position through sessions  


-Fixes a regression on the editing analytics functions form


5/01/2012: Fairmat Academic 1.2.2 has been released

Fairmat 1.2.2 is a bugfixing release for Fairmat 1.2.


- The binomial trees viewer was not included in the package

- Fixed a crash which occourred on the expression editor under linux

- The impact analysis was displayed incorrectly under some circumstances

New features:

-A new reserved symbol has been added: it is called 'EffectiveDate' and it is binded to the Contract Initial Date Form available under Settings-> Project Preferences.


02/12/2011: Fairmat Academic 1.2.1 has been released !

Fairmat 1.2.1 is a bugfixing release for Fairmat 1.2.


- Fixed Windows packaging: new installations were suffering for a missing component.  Thanks Sergey!

- Improved stability on linux versions.

25/11/2011: Fairmat Academic 1.2 has been released!

Fairmat 1.2 provides a better tool from the point of view of stability, and many plug-ins have been improved or provides  new features. Read below!


-Fixed a problem related to plugins installation file locking problem
-Better memory management when running and solving projects
-Many minor fixes

Modeling capability enhancements:

-Recurrence functions can be now defined as a functions of year fractions 't' instead of simulation dates indices 'i'. This allows to use the same indexing write more consistent payoffs.

-The Plain Vanilla plug-in now gives you more flexibility in defining payment dates improving consistency with Option Strips blocks.

Modeling environment enhancements:

-The plug-ins manager now refereshes smoothly and downloads plug-ins updates in  background
-Proxy servers support: it can now be defined how Fairmat connects to the Internet for activation and eventually for retrieving data trough data providers.

Web platform improvements:

There are also many improvements on our website! For example, the same credentials you use to download the software, allow you to post messages on the Fairmat users forums. If you are an old user, in order to protect your privacy, a numerical nick name has been assigned to you, but you can change it in your profile page. Furthermore, if you have forgot your credentials, you can easily recover them here.