Fairmat Academic 1.0 - November 16, 2010


16/12/2010 Update: Fairmat 1.0.0c (r-398) has been released!

This version fixes the following problems:

-Plug-ins enabled menu shortcuts are now correctly handled.

-An activation issue have been resolved.

-Fairmat failed to detect projects dependencies in some cases


10/12/2010 Update: Fairmat 1.0.0b (r-394) has been released!

This version fixes the following issues:

  • Matrix editor was not instanced correctly.
  • When editing an european option, the american option timing type was available.
  • Option strip: added detection of incompatibiliy between callability and sum of independent options.
  • Functional operator: functional operators were not able to export their symbol name.
  • Functional operator editor: combo box not responded correctly.
  • Fairmat Console: when switching to fairmat console the focus in on the right place.
  • Fairmat failed to price projects in which stochastic processes where the state size is different from noise size, such as Dai-Singleton.

04/11/2010: Fairmat Academic 1.0 Released

Fairmat is a software solution that enables users to model or replicate any kind of financial contract without having to actually write pricing routines. The academic version contains the following features:

  • Integrated model calibration: Fairmat has a wizard which permit you to calibrate stochastic models to market data.

  • Per user plug-ins settings:  Fairmat allows plug-in to define per users settings. All those settings are shown and can be easily modified in the Fairmat preferences form.

  • Dependencies detection: Fairmat includes in the models the list of plug-ins which are needed to run a given model. If some plug-in-dependency is missing, Fairmat will prompt you to install the missing plug-ins.

  • Option dependent discounting: now is possible to specify a different discounting model for every option. In the standard option and option strip forms (it will be extended at the other options type) a new tab called “Discounting” appears in which is present a combo box called “Custom Discounting”. This allows the user to choose between two options:

    1. Inherit discounting structure from parent node or project: this makes Fairmat do what it always did: to use the project defined discounting structure for the current option.
    2. Use custom discounting: it allows to define a custom discounting structure for the option (and its subsequent options. 
  • Plug-ins system: The plug-in system allows user to install a plug-in published in the Fairmat repository directly within the software (as well from the website).  This allows you to install easly plug-ins update as soon as they are released. The plug-ins are user dependent, this means that every user can have its own plug-ins collection.

  • Expressions autocomplete System: while editing expressions, by pressing CTRL+SPACE, an auto complete box displaying all the options you have to complete the term of the expression you are typing will appear. Then, you can continue to write (the list of completions will be updated) or you can choose the completion you want by selecting it by using the Up and Down arrows keys and pressing the ENTER key. If the item you have selected is a function (as opposed to a constant/variable) the list of the possible different signatures will appear on the right of the panel . Those signatures can be chosen with the Left and Right arrows.A link to the help system for the selected symbol is provided by clicking to the link 'more help'. This makes Fairmat search in the help system for the actual selected symbol.

  •  Options/Operators Option Map: now every operator and option have two different description fields: name and description. In the description is possible to write any text, and the 'name' field now is optional and it is used for referencing a given option in other part of the option tree.


Changes from RC versions:

  • No remarkable visible changes have been done from the RC versions but a lot of bugs have been fixed, and both the developers documentation and the users documentation have been extended and clarified. Furthermore, a new templates section where you can find additional projects models is available.