Fairmat Academic 1.0 Beta 2


24/06/2010: Fairmat Academic 1.0 Beta 2 è disponibile!

This version contains bug fixes and new features, in particular: 

  • Expression autocomplete:  while editing payoff or other Fairmat expressions, if you press CTRL+SPACE, an auto complete box will appear displaying all the options you have to complete in the term of the expression you are typing.
  • Symbol renaming and refactoring:  In the Parameters and Functions list,  by left-clicking on a parameter the option to rename a symbol will appear. The renaming function has been enhanced and now also includes a refactoring tool which  allows you to replace all the occurrences of the symbol you want to rename.
  • Automatic Update System: Whenever new Fairmat versions are released, you will be able to update Fairmat directly through the software.
  • Plug-in development: New extensions and classes has been added. See the developer documentation for more information.